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Why You Should Choose a Cabling Contractor Who Certifies Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Fiber Optic Cable Installations with a Fluke DTX 1800 CableAnalyzer

Tier 1 IP’s cable system certification process guarantees our cabling installations comply with TIA/ISO standards.
  • The Fluke DTX 1800 CableAnalyzer is the most used and the most trusted tester on the market with over 1 billion copper links certified to date
  • The Fluke DTX 1800 CableAnalyzer Tier 1 IP cabling technicians use is independently verified by ETL to meet ISO Level IV and TIA Level IIIe Accuracy requirements for cat5e, cat6, cat6a, multimode fiber optic and singlemode fiber optic cabling
  • Tier 1 IP Cabling installers analyze cat5e, cat6, cat6a, and fiber optic test results, then create professional test reports using high-quality reporting software
  • The Fluke DTX 1800 CableAnalyzer is endorsed by over 20 cable manufacturing companies worldwide
  • Our Experienced Cabling Technicians perform basic fiber certification five times faster with the DTX fiber modules
  • Tier 1 IP cable techs perform extended fiber certification on every strand terminated with two anaerobic fiber optic connectors

Our Fluke Networks Cable Tester accuracy EXCEEDS Levels IIIe and IV
The copper/fiber cable tester we use is arguably the best cable tester on the market.  The cost of inaccuracy:  A tester showing incorrect Pass/Fail results  may cause a good link to fail (false fail) or a bad link to pass (false pass). Both of these false results cost you time and money.  With our DTX tested cabling installations, you get high-quality, manufacturer warrantied installations and you can rely on our accurate cable test results – every time.

The UL Accuracy Classification
Fluke Networks’ DTX Series was awarded the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) Classification in accordance with the IEC- 61935-1 specifications for Accuracy Level IV and in accordance with the TIA-TSB-155 specifications for Accuracy Level IIIe.  Accuracy Level IIIe is required to test Cat 6 cabling for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments.

The DTX 10 Gig over Copper Test Solution enables cable testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments – whether it is an existing Cat 6 or newly installed Augmented Cat 6 structured cabling system.   Ultimately, Tier 1 IP chose the Fluke DTX 1800 because the DTX 10 Gig over Copper Test Solution follows the DTX CableAnalyzer Series in a commitment to industry-leading performance, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

The Tier 1 IP Cable Installation Technician DTX 10 Gig over Copper Test Solution Advantage

  • Qualified techs utilize the only solution to identify problematic cable(s) within the same bundle due to link-to-link crosstalk
  • Tier 1 IP network techs use the only solution that is fully compliant with industry standards
  • By utilizing the DTX 10 Gig Copper Kit together with DTX-1800, Tier 1 IP network cabling services delivers on the promise of a future-proof network by measuring  performance for 10 Gig and Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT and AFEXT) in full compliance with the industry standards to 500 MHz

The DTX 10 Gig 
Tier 1 IP uses the Alien Crosstalk Analyzer Kit for DTX-1800 which includes: two DTX-AXTLK1 Communication Modules, Windows based DTX AxTalk Analyzer™ Software, two Cat 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adapters (DTX-PLA002S), two Link Terminators (DTX-AXTERM), two Channel Adapters optimized for Alien Crosstalk measurements to 500 MHz (DTX-CHA001AS) and two RJ45-to-RJ45 Couplers.

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