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Web hosting & domain transfer warning

Over the last few days, I have been helping a friend (I won’t mention their name) reinstate their primary business email address.  Unfortunately, my friend did not understand the processes and time frames that run the domain hosting industry.  My friend was having a lot of trouble sending emails to * and * accounts.  I informed my friend that they need to setup a reverse DNS record with their email hosting provider.  The big issue started when their well-known domain and hosting provider (name begins with a 1) could not (or would not) configure a reverse DNS PTR.  My friend became extremely frustrated because they could not send emails to their largest client and subsequently called to cancel their hosting and email account.  This immediately shut down all emails to/from their domain.  I received a panic call asking for help because my friend knew that my company provided hosting services, so we initiated a domain transfer at  My friend made the assumption that they could setup a new account in a few hours.  We initiated a domain transfer and completed all of the required security verification checks and we were told the transfer could take 3 to 5 days.  We are now on day 4 of the transfer process, and we keep getting the run-around from their current hosting provider who has tech support based out of the Philippines stating that the transfer is scheduled to happen within 12 hours.  Our primary data center is in Phoenix, AZ and our support techs are also in the United States.  You may say that my friend should understand that they are still in the 3-5 day window; however, the problem is now much more expensive than the cost of a monthly hosting account — their $14,000 net profit a month customer has called so many times complaining that they need to communicate via email that they are now frustrated are taking their business elsewhere.  The moral of the story is that no matter how frustrated you get with your hosting provider, don’t let it negatively affect your bottom line!  Make sure you setup a new hosting provider and transfer your settings BEFORE you cancel your current hosting account.

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