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Denton Structured Cabling: Cat5e, Cat6a, Fiber Optics

Structured Cabling - Cat5e, Cat6a, Fiber Optics, 10Gig

Denton Network & Data Cabling Specialists

Tier 1 IP is the leading installer of structured cabling products and network services for business and government data networks in Denton, Texas.  Our techs are certified by manufacturers for both copper (cat5e, cat6, cat6a) and fiber optic (multimode, singlemode) network installations.  We only use quality cable made in the USA, we follow Bicsi industry installation standards and we guarantee our work.

Whether you’re moving your business outside Denton, opening up a new location in Denton, expanding, adding workstations, networking offices, upgrading servers and network switches, or running fiber to the desktop, Tier 1 IP can help you build a structured cabling network on which you can run gigabit ethernet or 10 gigabit ethernet.  We keep our overhead low, buy cabling materials in bulk, and we pass the savings on to you.
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Denton Fiber Optic & Outside Plant Cabling

Need to connect two or more buildings in Denton with underground HDPE conduit and multimode or singlemode OSP fiber optic data cables?  Tier 1 IP’s Outside Plant team can trench, directional bore, or install aerial cable for your wired or wireless campus network.  Fiber optic cables can be terminated with ST, SC, LC, FC, or MT-RJ connectors.  The newest fiber optic cables are laser optimized (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4) for increased bandwidth.  Fiber cabling can be plenum rated, riser rated, armored, indoor/outdoor, direct burial/OSP, military tactical, tight buffered, or loose tubed. We test all fiber cable installations with a power meter and guarantee less than 2db loss.  We can also repair cut/damaged fiber cables with mechanical or fusion splicing and test with an OTDR.

Optical Cable Corporation MDIS CertifiedCat6a Cabling Patch PanelsBicsi Corporate Member

When applicable, we even offer a performance assurance warranty from the manufacturer up to 25 years.  This certification covers patch panels, jacks, fiber optic connectors, cat5e cable, cat6 cable, cat6a cable, 50 micron multimode fiber, 62.5 micron multimode fiber, singlemode fiber, network racks, cable runways/ladder racks, and wire management panels.

Certified by leading cable manufacturers such as Berk-Tek and OCC, Tier 1 IP installs UTP cat5e, cat6, cat6a, and fiber optic cables in Denton for:

  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Telecom Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Schools and Universities
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Data Centers and Central Offices
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Government and Military
  • Cities and Counties
  • Fiber Backbones
  • Dark Fiber

Interesting local fact: Denton is located about 40 miles northwest of Dallas and about 38 miles northeast of Fort Worth.  Together, the three cities comprise an area traditionally referred to as the “Golden Triangle.”