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Business Benefits of Planning a Structured Cabling System

Within any business, multiple departments compose the business as a whole and in order to prevent the business from falling apart by the weight of its departments, these pieces must actively communicate to keep the business processes operating and producing.  Structured cabling systems are the core communications medium and are often overlooked post installation.  This […]

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Data Cable Installations Should Be Neat & Organized

Several states do not require voice and data cable installation techs to be certified or licensed.  This has led to many customers having their cables installed without conforming to industry standards.  Imagine the nightmare this network administrator faces when they need to troubleshoot a connection. Here is an example of how not to wire a […]

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Web hosting & domain transfer warning

Over the last few days, I have been helping a friend (I won’t mention their name) reinstate their primary business email address.  Unfortunately, my friend did not understand the processes and time frames that run the domain hosting industry.  My friend was having a lot of trouble sending emails to * and * accounts.  I […]

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