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I.T. Quiz – Managed Server Hosting

Which approach to I.T. dedicated server hosting delivers more, but costs less?

A – Doing it yourself (purchase hardware + maintenance headaches = $$$$)

B – Managed Hosting with Rackspace (quality servers + fully managed support services = $) starts at only $299*

ANSWER: B – Rackspace Managed Hosting from Tier 1 IP

It’s true. Outsourcing some or all of your I.T. needs to Rackspace Hosting immediately reduces your hardware expenditures and payroll expenses. You don’t have to own and maintain your hardware or even hire the experts to run it for you in-house. You spend substantially less and get considerably more from Rackspace – including thousands of employees working around the clock to help you be successful. And that, as they say, is a pretty nice return on investment.

Start Saving Now With Rackspace
• Fully managed, dedicated servers starting at 299 bucks a month
• Industry-leading network uptime and hardware replacement Service Level Agreements
• Expert Rackspace Support Team dedicated to your needs
• Hundreds of certified technical experts supporting you
• Unlimited live support available 24x7x365
• Data centers where you do business, now including Hong Kong
• The Fanatical Support Promise™ sets the standard for accountability

Contact Tier 1 IP today for more details!

* This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. The $299 USD price is only available on the listed configuration and cannot be modified or customized. A 12 month contract is required to get this pricing. This offer is applicable to new Rackspace customers, when they purchase a new Managed Hosting Solution. Current Rackspace customers can take advantage of this offer with a net server addition to their contract with this exact configuration. This pricing is subject to change at the end of your contract. This offer is only available to customers in our US data centers, with US support, and is not available in the UK. Rackspace reserves the right to alter this promotion at any time.

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