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Benefits of Installing Sound Masking Systems in Office Buildings

Sound Maksing Systems, Patient Privacy, Corporate Office AcousticsBenefits of Installing Sound Masking Systems in Office Buildings

  1. Boost employee productivity by reducing distractions and increasing acoustical comfort in call centers or shared work spaces.
  2. Reduce risk of security breaches by ensuring speech privacy in public spaces.  Achieve confidential speech privacy for executives, counselors,lawyers, healthcare professionals and workers with similar privacy requirements.
  3. Reduce distractions in quiet spaces such as libraries where, because of the lack of background noise, every sound draws attention.
  4. Low power consumption.
  5. Scalability, large area coverage options and customizable, networked configurations.
  6. Improve acoustical comfort and reduce the effects of reverberation in workspaces with high ceilings, exposed beams, reflective surfaces and non-standard ceilings.
  7. Emitters are driven directly from control module and require no external power.

Qt Quiet technology™ is a sound masking, paging and music system that uses cutting-edge distributed audio technology for workplace excellence. Sound masking systems are successfully deployed in millions of square feet of commercial and government offices. Installations range from small offices to enterprise campuses of unlimited size and zones where centralized software control is required.

Cambridge Sound Management, selected Tier 1 IP as your local authorized reseller of their industry leading Quiet Technology™ products.

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